Mykonos bus schedule 2023 Official Bus Schedule

Always check the Mykonos KTEL Bus website for seasonal updates or contact the company directly.

What’s more, you should try to pay with small bills as the driver might not be able to give you change otherwise. On the other hand, routes to New Port are ideal for passengers whose hotels are located nearby or for travelers wishing to take the boat after landing on the island. Travelers can buy tickets directly on board buses from the driver, so it’s a useful idea for anyone visiting mykonos bus schedule 2023 Town to have several Euros in cash in advance to use to buy the ticket.

Minibusses are a convenient option for families or other small groups who wish to get privately to their destination. KTEL tickets can be purchased directly from the driver or at the central stations. Tickets can only be used once per route and no day passes are available. So you don’t have to take buses or rent a car to get to the beaches, stay at a hotel by the beach. The bus fare in Mykonos is between €1 and €3, depending on the distance traveled, and you can buy tickets directly from the driver or at the booths at the terminals. There’s no bus connecting these terminals, you have to walk 15 to 20 minutes through the streets of Chora. Visit here to know about bus timings.

In a Mercedes Sprinter minibus or similar, enjoy the end of your holiday in a relaxed fashion, with bottled water, luggage handling and all airport taxes included. Kick off your visit to Mykonos stress-free with this pre-booked private transfer from the airport to any hotel, villa, or other accommodation on the island. Your driver will meet you directly at the arrivals terminal and you’ll be on the road in minutes. Unwind and regroup from your flight in a spacious, air-conditioned sedan or minivan with bottled water on board so you’re ready to explore once you reach your final destination. Mykonos has a variety of transportation options available, including public buses, transfers and taxis, car rentals, and shuttle services.

Don’t be surprised if a man that is already on the bus near the bus driver will check your “validated” ticket a few minutes later. Even though your ticket is just torn and not stamped, he will inspect your ticket thoroughly, looking for counterfeited tickets. Special tourist services are available for cruise ship passengers and groups in need of a transfer from/to the port or airport of Mykonos. All drivers are English speaking ready to assist you and drive you comfortably and safe to the destination of your liking.

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