The 18 Best Nursing and Pumping Bras of 2022

A nursing bra is wildly more practical than your normal bra, which you’d likely need to size-up in anyway in order to make way for growing breasts. Nursing bras are designed to fit your boobs as they change throughout pregnancy, they’re more breathable and they’re usually made to fit breast pads which will soak up excess milk. What’s more, most styles have drop down cups that unclip when you need to feed, while some have cross over cups that you push the fabric back from and slip out a nip for no-fuss access.

Of the models we looked at, this bra is among the easiest to unclasp, and the straps stay in place while nursing better than those of other bras we tested, a feature that was beloved by our 38DDD tester. Because we targeted nursing bras that cost well under $100, we didn’t place a lot of importance on price. Given that you’re likely to wear these several times a week for at least many months, and often for a year or more, we felt that any of these bras, if they performed well, would be a good value.

A good cami is a stapleof an y wardrobe — and that’s no different for nursing mamas. If you’re not a fan of nursing tops that feature that built-in fold, you’ll appreciate this nursing camisole from Playtex. It features a drop-front design and has a built-in bra for added comfort and support. Although beautiful, a common complaint with this bra is that it isn’t as stretchy as users would have hoped, especially as their breasts changed to accommodate incoming milk. The Simple Wishes Adjustable Hands-Free Pumping Bra makes the experience more tolerable, thanks to the built-in cutouts in the cups that are designed to hold most major breast pump brands. However, you definitely should avoid wearing an underwire bra while sleeping.

It’s even woven with special technology to help stave off workout odour. It’s no slouch in the nursing bra department either, with an easy, one-handed fold-down design and removable foam inserts. This bra is as hard-working as you are, with moderate support that makes it suitable for yoga, Pilates, and other low- to medium-impact workouts. The racerback style doesn’t show under workout clothing, and the zipper on the front makes it easy to open up the bra for your baby.

We selected nursing bras that had overwhelmingly positive reviews from community members and BabyCenter editors on the fit, level of support, and ease of use. We considered feedback from members of the BabyCenter community who have tested a wide range of nursing bras. Check the material of the bra, and try to choose one that is made with natural materials, like cotton.

Save when you shop for the best nursing bra with these John Lewis discount codes. Women need to carefully scan the bra stocks for strong & firm under bands. Pregnancy related bodily changes are accountable to the play of hormones. The time of onset and degree for growth of breasts vary in every woman. So the decision to buy Maternity Bras should be in sync with individual body needs.

On the flip side, if your bra has too much space, it will bunch up and be uncomfortable underneath your clothes. Since every bra brand has a slightly different method to their sizing, check out the sizing chart before buying. Take a peek at their return policy, just in case you need to swap one out for a larger or smaller size.

And if it’s a pumping bra you’re looking for, head to our guideThe Best Pumping Bra. This bra is easy to pull aside for middle-of-the-night feedings, yet has enough stretch and tautness to retain nursing pads without trouble and keep you from spilling out when you’re not nursing. That’s why one of the best nursing bras around is its Q-T Intimates Wrap ’N Snap Nursing Bra. This wire-free, stretch-cotton nursing bra features a front-snap closure just beneath the breast that allows you to easily adjust the bra as your body changes during pregnancy and after. But you don’t actually have to open it all the way to nurse—simply undo the clips at the base of the straps.

Plus, the removable (and machine-washable) absorbent pads in this Knix leakproof nursing bra slide right into an opening between the soft fabric layers of the super-stretchy cups. The end result is as smooth as can be, instead of the crumpled, bulky or bumpy look you can get while wearing the disposable drug-store nursing pads. This maternity bra is truly one of the best we’ve seen—which is why it won a 2021 Best of Pregnancy award. You can nurse or pump in this underwire-free design, which fits all standard pump flanges. Plus, this style offers hands-free support, thanks to the double-layered cups with removable padding. When your breasts are large, sensitive and prone to leaking, having a bra that’s comfy to sleep in is key.

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