The Other Guide To Korean Nightlife

It is popular place for enjoying nightlife in Seoul amongst university students and younger 20-something looking to escape the pressures of life. The drinks are pretty cheap here to cater to the student crowds. Neighborhoods are loud, vibrant, and buzzing with a young crowd. It is particularly loved for its underground music scene, street performers, and hip-hop clubs. L7 Hongdae is the sleek, tech-forward type of hotel you’d expect to find in Seoul. If you want know more about korean nightlife visit

The Galleria has vast retail space and stocks local Korean designers as well as Western designer fashion brands. In this area you’ll come across Ferragamo, Missoni, Jill Sander, Ralph Lauren, a Hyundai Department Store and a lot more. The COEX Mall (Subway Line 2, Samseong Station, ) close by the two InterCons is a vast shopping haunt with everything from Levi’s and DKNY to SONY and Samsonite. Enjoy the aquarium, a kimchi museum, music, an IMAX theatre and books.

Accidental fires and the Japanese Occupation destroyed many of the original structures. But Korea restored many of the halls and added premier museums. The seat of power of the Korean peninsula, from the royal palaces to bureaucratic offices. Heunginjimun was the large eastern gate along the Joseon capital’s eastern fortress walls.

Hop off the cab along Garosu-gil – the main drag – and Enjoy a lavish galbi set for just W20,000 in the Sinsa-dong side streets. I sat amidst the smoke and charcoal trying to forge through this huge repast while the owner peered at me, quizzically, wondering why I could not, on my own, polish off a few kilos of beef. Many parts of Seoul have their own particular culinary flavour. Most popular with tourists are the streets around Insadonggil, where restaurants almost exclusively serve traditional Korean food in an equally fitting atmosphere.

The woody tones have given way to contemporary pastel, bright lamps, cream divans and plenty of light. The plump white-linen beds are terribly inviting. In-room Internet is free and so is WiFi in public areas.. Just around the corner too is the charming Small House Big Door ( boutique hotel with a few more design flourishes and a zen simplicity that is appealing. Your concierge will likely discourage you from visiting local karaoke parlours that do not always welcome foreigners.

First time we arrived they said we needed a passport….no problem, we went pick up our passport from the hotel. We were in line with a dozen other people and a promoter pulled us from the line (we were the only non-Korean guests in line) and told us we should buy a table for 600,000 to get in and for a bottle. When we reach the bouncer, he looked at my partners passport and said something in Korean to the other bouncer.

It’s a 4-star hotel with a rooftop pool, restaurant and bar offering unbeatable views of the city and surrounding mountains. Cap off your days exploring the city with a tipple at the bar before heading down to your room. It is the ultimate in whimsy – a sort of Barbie meets Louis XVI. There may even be a Mercedes convertible in the lobby. This is a big hotel with lots of bustle, brass, and business facilities. The Club floor rooms are bright and airy with plenty of cream and gold, a small safe with jewellery compartments, white work desk with three pin square sockets and an Internet cable, and a BMW of a toilet seat in the bathroom.

You don’t sing in front of a crowd, but in a small room with your friends, where you’ll find sofas, a TV, books full of songs to choose from and a couple of maracas or tambourines to play. Foreigners are usually intimidated at first, but after a few drinks it can be tough to get the microphone out of people’s hands. Figure on around W15,000 per hour between the group. But in South Korea, where professional relationships are fostered outside of the office, such after-hours camaraderie accompanied by copious amounts of soju is a typical weekday affair. Not only for staff bonding that paves the way for favorable promotions, business executives and salary men may even treat each other to doumi or “helpers” to cater to their whims. Half of married Korean men have had extramarital sex, while 40% of married Korean men do not think buying sex is considered cheating.

It helps to attract a clientele that can enjoy the collective nostalgia of a specific era without other people grumbling about it. Some hunting pubs are more technologically advanced, and they are equipped with tablet PCs. Guests can use these devices to send messages to a ‘target’ table.

Then, of course, there are the saunas, of various temperatures and materials and different health benefits. If you haven’t heard of this best of Seoul palace, you’re probably one of the last. The place can get incredibly crowded on weekend nights, as exhausted partygoers from neighboring clubs come to shower and crash.

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